Exactly what do I need to get fingerprinted in Phoenix?


State ID

What do I need to get fingerprinted in Phoenix?Just need one of the following:

Drivers License

State ID


Other Government Issued ID


Price per card

We accept:


Money Order

Cashier's Check

Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express  

Other Items You *Might* Need

Be sure to ask the company requiring the prints if you need additional forms or payments as part of your fingerprinting process.  We have the applications for Clearance Cards and IVPs for you!

Past Clearance Cards

Please make sure you bring this if you are renewing a Clearance Card

$65 or $67 App Fee

Depending on your situation, you or your employer may need to include an additional fee for processing the application, this is separate from the fingerprinting fee.  If it is an Identity Verified Prints (IVP) application, we need it at the time of taking your fingerprints.

Additional Forms

Always double check with the person requesting the prints to make sure you do not need a special form completed or signed by the fingerprinter for your application.